Can You Put Heated Floor Under Vinyl Plank?

If you live in an area that gets extremely cold in the winter, a heated floor can be a lifesaver. Heated flooring can also keep pipes from freezing in frigid weather. But can you put a heated floor in underneath vinyl plank? The experts say that you absolutely can – as long as you follow a few pointers, that is.

What A Heated Floor Entails

Technology is advancing every day. What used to be luxury only for the wealthy is now being made available for all…at affordable prices. Who knew our tootsies didn’t have to freeze in the winter?

Radiant heating is what we owe a toasty floor to. I is a special heating system that’s placed underneath the flooring so that the heat radiates through the floor, making it warm to the touch.

Radiant Heating Under Vinyl Plank Flooring
Vinyl plank flooring is wonderful in many ways. It’s affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and it’s waterproof – a big plus for having heating underneath.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re considering installing heating under vinyl:

  • Check with the manufacturer of the heating system to ensure placing under vinyl isn’t restricted.
  • Contact your home insurance provider to be certain the combination doesn’t violate any rules.
  • Choose the right vinyl flooring. Only high-quality vinyl should be considered.
  • Have the heater installed by a professional.
  • Use a subfloor and make sure it’s level and APA grade.
  • Concrete makes a great surface to install the heating system upon.
  • Acclimate the vinyl flooring prior to the heater’s installation. You’ll want it to be used to being warm. Taking it from cold to very warm can warp the surface.
  • Install a proper barrier between adhesives and heating cables.

With everything intact, you should be good to go with your new heated vinyl flooring. Enjoy!

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