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Provenza Floors

Provenza is a high end flooring supplier that specializes in high quality hardwood and waterproof LVP/LVT flooring.

For over 40 years, Provenza Floors has built a reputation for its design of highly unique flooring products that exceed the demands of their customers.

Provenza hardwood floors are unique one-of-a-kind classics that are carefully handcrafted. They are built on the core principle of providing exceptional detail, with each piece being meticulously designed and manufactured to the highest degree of quality. 

Featured Collections

Provenza Flooring Collections

Exceptional Hardwood Flooring Styles

Discover flooring styles that are way outside of the ordinary. Provenza’s hardwood floors are meticulously designed, with designs and finishes that are unlike any other out there. 


Parquets and patterned floors

In pursuit of offering flooring styles that deliver the most beautiful aesthetics, Provenza offers a line of parquets and patterned flooring options, such as their brilliant Herringbone Reserve collection.

Quality wood varieties

Provenza hardwood floors are available in a wide range of highly sought out wood varieties, including White Oak, European Oak, Acacia, and more. 

Captivating Wall Panels

Beyond hardwood floors, Provenza also offers a limited range of wooden wall panels.

These wall panels are made from real hardwood, providing a wonderfully natural & warm aura. They are also very fashion-forward and their unique designs will effectively create a look inside your home that is unlike anything else.

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