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The home is the heart and soul of life. It is where the human spirit lives. Divine flooring makes homes divine by creating surfaces that inspire passion, ignite love and fuel dreams.
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Offering luxury quality floor designs and styles, Divine Flooring is a family owned and operated wood flooring company that puts design and craftsmanship first. Born with the vision of creating unique and original divine spaces with custom hardwood flooring, Divine Flooring has become the leading custom flooring brand in Canada.

Quality flooring materials

Premium materials create one-of-a-kind Products. Divine Flooring brings quality-driven products to the everyday household. Some of their most popular flooring materials are:

  • Hardwood
  • Speciality Hardwood
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Laminate

Skilled Woodworking Artisans

Using proprietary techniques to craft and assemble unique pieces for your home, Divine Flooring meticulously plans out and implements every aspect of your flooring needs to reflect your personal style and taste.

Environmentally Conscious

Divine Flooring believes in keeping the Earth in good health. This is reflected in their businesses practices of sourcing only from suppliers that protect and sustain forested lands, ensuring their wood materials contain low to negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and holding themselves to all CARB Phase II standards.

Decades Of Established Trust

Established in 1999, Divine Flooring has built a reputation of trust, respect and quality craftsmanship in flooring communities across Canada. Divine Flooring has become a go-to brand for many third-parties throughout the country:

  • Interior Designers
  • Home Remodelers
  • Building Professionals
  • Discerning Home Owners

The GTA's Flooring Experts

We specialize in everything flooring – from our limitless range of unique & trendy flooring selections in our showroom, to custom in-house design & installation.

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Accessory Woodwork

Wood Floor Vents

For a truly unified look, Divine Flooring creates custom wood floor vents that match your floor in species, surface texture and colour.

Stair Risers

Add a unique appearance to your staircase with detailed, custom stair risers.

Barn Doors

Beautify your entrances with a one-of-a-kind barn door slider.

Why Divine Flooring?

If you’re looking for custom hardwood flooring from an eco-friendly, family-run business – Divine Flooring is the choice for you. With decades of experience satisfying homeowners across Canada, Divine Flooring can bring that same experience to your house, too – allowing you to create an original, unique masterpiece you can call “home”.

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Amarosa Collection


The Amarosa Grande collections of Divine Flooring are the fashionable pick for any housing facility. One of the collections is Amarosa Grand Puro. It is made as a brushed texture product on Oak species and finished with the UV lacquer hard-wearing layer, that bonds on the surface of the wood. This type of finishing offers extra durability to complement the beautiful nature of this flooring piece.

Installation of this 29.450 quantities per box can be done with either nail, glue or float methods, with a width of 7 1/2″ and a thickness of 5/8″.


The Louis XIV collections of Divine Flooring are another classy choice for the home. The variants are Champagne, Montpellier and Castillon, among others. Champagne features a brushed texture on its French White Oak species. Olio is used in finishing the brushed texture at production, both for preservation and for you to have a good feel of what you will be paying for. Louis XIV Champagne is made in a unique 74 3/4″ length, 7 1/2″ width and a thickness of 3/4″ – well packed in 15.540 quantities per box. There are only two options for installation: nail and glue.


Divine Flooring Farmhouse collections are also produced in various options such as Vernazza, Chateauneuf, Vernazza, and Cabbiavoli. The Cabbiavoli variant was produced using European Oak and finished with hard wax oil. This collection gives the house an exquisite touch with its brushed texture, which many users consider very lovely. Its dimensions are 74 3/4″ length, 5/8″ thickness and 7 1/2″ width. It is packed in 23.310 quantities per box. For smooth installation, you can use any of these three installation methods: nail, glue and float.

Villa Europa Collection

Classics Collection

Simplicity and durability are always in style. With a focus on the craft, texture and practical elegance in natural colours and purposeful designs, classics suit everyday life and spaces.

Noble Hall

These old-world wide planks and wire brushed surface communicate strength and heritage craftsmanship in White Oak. In modern tones or elegant antique colours, simple, quiet nobility is the look.

Kensington and Buckingham

A hardwood line with multi-layered stain colour palette, wide White Oak planks are durable and solid with wire brushed, soft textured finishes. Ideal for high floor traffic, pets and children, you’ll never compromise style for strength.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo presents exotic Copaiba wood in a full 7” plank. Each is distressed and stained for varying effects and colour variation. Painterly gradients of dark, distressed or dramatic tones undulate like water and highlight the natural flow of the wood grain.


This Hickory wood floor is wire-brushed by hand, drawing the eye to organic textures with an overall smooth finish. Wire brushing removes the outer layer, revealing dense patterns underneath and letting the wood’s character shine through. Even stain accents the subtle texture in six available colours to suit any design.

Palo Duro

Palo Duro is a scraped hickory collection with a rustic variety of grain and texture to exude a turn-of-the-century vibe. If raw, antique and full of character is your style, the natural lines, knots, variations and wear will delight you. The look of reclaimed older wood in a variety of plank widths are a perfect match for rustic-refined décor, rich, woven textures, and heritage paint tones.

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