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Beaulieu Flooring

Beaulieu Flooring is one of the largest carpet distributors in North America, and has long since expanded into other flooring types, including vinyl, laminate, hardwood, engineered hardwood and carpet tiles.

All of Beaulieu’s floors are the latest in styles and trends and on the market technologies. Dedicated to customer service and the environment, Beaulieu strives to make great flooring at reasonable prices for it’s customers every day.Beaulieu Flooring is a proud Canadian company. Ecologically friendly and dedicated to quality, Beaulieu ensures that each and every product sold maintains superior quality through physical inspection. Each product has a Floor-Score certification and has been verified by the FSC to not come from illegal forestry. All Beaulieu carpets have the Green Label Plus certification: your assurance that you are purchasing the lowest VOC-emitting carpet on the market. 

A carpet with the Green Label Plus certification and regular cleaning with a CRI-tested and approved vacuum cleaner will keep indoor air clean. Beaulieu also offers a variety of Enviro-Select carpets, which are crafted from recycled and recyclable materials, producing as little waste as possible.With a massive selection of all flooring types, it is impossible to list all the advantages of Beaulieu’s products. Below is a summary of the offered products and their advantages.

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With a variety of different types of carpet, it can be difficult to choose one that fits your lifestyle.

Fortunately, Beaulieu makes the process easier by providing extensive information about their carpets based on cut, backing and fibers. Offering a massive variety of carpets in all different colours and cuts, the Beaulieu catalogue makes it easy to find a carpet suiting your home. Carpets by Beaulieu offer great design flexibility, increased noise reduction, slip and fall cushioning, and warmth and comfort. Carpets are the lowest VOC emitters of common floor choices and require fewer cleaning chemicals than other floor coverings. CRI’s Green Label Plus Standard has brought those VOC down even more. In addition, carpets improve indoor air quality by trapping allergens and other particles so they can be vacuumed away. Beaulieu’ carpets are superior quality and stylistically unique, offering a variety of patterns and styles not commonly found on the market.

Carpet Tile

Beaulieu’s unique collection of high-quality modular carpet tiles is the perfect combination of both performance and design.

These modular carpet tiles are a great choice for small businesses, home offices and for almost any space in your home, as they offer major benefits such are durability, design, flexibility and improved air quality. They are also environmentally friendly. Beaulieu offers a variety of carpet tile, designed for both office and home use.


Offering both engineered and solid hardwood, Beaulieu features a massive variety of species and colours.

Hardwood is one of the most ecologically friendly kinds of flooring; lasting for many years and having a minimal impact on the air quality of your home. Beaulieu offers hardwood in the following species: White Oak, Hickory, Walnut and European White Oak.


Laminate imitates real wood but is actually a printed high definition image that is protected by a resin.

This results in a variety of styles and designs. Laminate is the perfect flooring for homes with pets or children, as it is highly durable and easy to maintain. Beaulieu laminate floors feature hyper-realistic wood designs in a variety of colours and styles, and a convenient locking mechanism for easy installation. They are available for installation in any area of your home, are resistant to stains and spills and have high wear ratings.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles (LVP/LVT) are multi-layered constructions that have a relatively firm surface and a characteristic bounce.

These flooring types are manufactured to withstand high-traffic and high-moisture, making them perfect for the areas of your home where you wouldn’t want to have installed hardwood or carpet. Due to advanced print technology, Beaulieu offers luxury vinyl flooring which realistically replicated the looks and texture of any material, like hardwood or stone. Offering a huge variety of hyper-realistic wood prints, Beaulieu ensures that this durable, wear resistant flooring is the perfect purchase for your home.

Engineered Luxury Vinyl

Engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring (ELVF) is a new Luxury Vinyl product category from Beaulieu that provides a comfortable, quiet and warm flooring that can be installed anywhere.

Water resistant and easy to maintain, this vinyl is perfect for any room and offers versatility, great style and easy maintenance. ELVF differs from normal vinyl in it’s three-layer composition. The top is a durable PVC wear layer that offers protection, superior cleanability and stain resistance. The second layer is virgin vinyl, while the bottom layer is a high density, waterproof core which resists expansion and contraction and helps hide subfloor imperfections. Offered in a wide variety of wood inspired styles.

Additional Information

Beaulieu Flooring: Articles

No home decorating challenge can be as frustrating as any old, worn-out floors. That’s because you can easily paint walls, add accessories, and even replace furniture, but an entire floor? That’s pretty much a more prominent and costlier job. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for what is worn-out, because right now, numerous flooring options are affordable.

Of course, you shouldn’t pick up one of these cheap flooring choices at random and expect it to work in any given space beautifully. Each type of flooring has got its unique peculiarity that’s ideal for several spaces.

When it comes to searching for the best flooring company that houses several flooring choices, look no further. Beaulieu Canada has some of the best flooring products that meet your tastes and needs. Beaulieu Canada products are fashion-forwards, vastly innovative, and designed for that perfect healthy home. In over 2000 locations across Canada, we’re your best bet for that reliable flooring services as they have over 65 years’ experience of service and still counting. Here are some flooring products we offer.


Their carpets are 100% Canadian made! It is a never-ending favorite for bedrooms and living areas. It comes in a wide variety of textures, colors, and materials. Some of the benefits of their carpet are that it’s got quite a high performance, low VOC emissions, stain-resistant, everlasting color, prevents slips and cushion, and of course, it’s pretty cozy and warm.


Laminate flooring has got a thin veneer over layers of plywood or compressed fiber. However, the top layer is a photograph under a clear plastic coating. Hence, it can look like wood, stone, tile, and just about any material. We offer laminate flooring that’s pretty much durable, easy to install, versatile, and cost-effective.


Their engineered Luxury Vinyl gets you the beauty of hardwood, ceramic, or natural stone without having to worry about upkeep and maintenance. It is pretty much durable, can withstand high-traffic, is 100% waterproof, easy to install, hides the imperfections of subfloors, has the antimicrobial surface finish, can be installed on all floor levels, suitable for use over embedded heating systems, and ultimately gives you that luxury feel and is eco-friendly!


Beaulieu’s luxury vinyl features a protective urethane wear layer that protects the floor from scratches. You can live with no worries, knowing fully well that heavy foot traffic, pets, and kids are no match for their luxury vinyl. What’s more, it’s straightforward to maintain, comfortable, water-resistant, has the antimicrobial surface finish, and has that cool aesthetic appeal.


Many have thought of sheet vinyl as linoleum. They’re way different from linoleum right now. It’s now that multi-layer flooring that’s highly durable and excellent for commercial/high traffic areas. Also, it’s got several decorative looks like wood, stone, tile, and houses a wide range of colors. It’s easy to maintain, 100% waterproof, resistant to pet stains, pretty economical, prevents slips and cushion falls, can be installed practically on all floor levels, and is suitable for use over embedded heating systems.

Choosing the perfect flooring for your home is a tough decision thanks to the endless amount of options on the market today. Real wood floors, luxury vinyl, tile, engineered wood, laminate, there’s just so much to choose from. To help you narrow down the search, let’s dive into the pros and cons of an affordable, yet popular, luxury vinyl flooring option.

Vinyl Flooring That Looks like Hardwood

The great thing about Beaulieu vinyl flooring is how much it can look like real hardwood. While real hardwood floors are gorgeous, they can get expensive pretty quickly and require a lot of maintenance. These luxury vinyl floors, on the other hand, can handle a lot of wear and tear while still looking fantastic.

Highly Resistant

If you have pets, young children or both, then Beaulieu vinyl floors are the choice for you. You don’t have to worry about spills that stain on a regular basis. As long as you clean your vinyl floors after an accident, they’re sure to last you for years to come. If you’re worried that these floors won’t hold up well in terms of scratches, then you have nothing to worry about! Beaulieu vinyl handles scratches better than the competition, including hardwood.

It’s Affordable

Whether you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to spend a large sum of money on flooring, then Beaulieu vinyl floors are the product for you. Luxury vinyl flooring will cost you a fraction of what hardwood would. As well, the price of hardwood floors will vary depending on the wood species you’re interested in, something you don’t have to trouble yourself with when it comes to luxury vinyl floors.

They’re Comfortable

If you’re looking for flooring that’s comfortable beneath your feet, then look no further. Luxury vinyl is much softer under your feet than other flooring options like hardwood, tile, stone and more. This means that Beaulieu vinyl floors are great for areas that have a lot of foot traffic. There are also vinyl options that include a sound barrier, muffling footsteps around the house for a quieter space.

Offered In Various Different Styles

Beaulieu offers a wide selection of flooring types – coming in different colours, shades, and styles. Their product line is characterized as being highly stylish and luxurious, coming in unique varieties that will make your home spaces stand out.

Ability To Visualize Floor Designs

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how a floor will look until actually seeing it in a real-life application. Beaulieu Flooring allows customers to see how their products / collections would actually look in a room, with their floor visualizer. This tool is an excellent feature when planning your flooring designs, and to get inspiration for ideas for laying out the interior.

In summary, Beaulieu is an exceptional luxury brand that offers highly unique and high quality flooring products. Their vinyl collections offer various benefits, and are made to the same quality, look, and prestige as solid hardwood flooring

Perhaps, you are already aware, Beaulieu Canada is among the largest carpet distributors in North America. And from the name, Beaulieu Canada is a proud Canadian company. It produces fantastic floorings, and over the years, it has expanded into other flooring types, including the hardwood, vinyl, carpet tiles, and so on.

Beaulieu Canada offers great flooring rates for its customers. To show their dedication to customer service and the environment, Beaulieu ensures that each product you purchased is sold to maintain superior quality. It ensures that the Floor-Score certification verifies each product. Now, in their flooring catalog, Beaulieu offers varieties of carpets that are made from recyclable materials. This is to ensure that it produces as little waste as possible. Here are some of the currently offered products and the advantages they have:

Carpet Tiles: The carpet tiles catalog has new flooring types. These are high-quality modular carpet tiles that are unique for the combination of both performance and design. Examples are Appeal TAPP, Allure TALL, and Diversion TDIV. They are suitable for home offices, small businesses, and your home. The significant benefits you enjoy with the modular carpet tiles are:

  • Better air quality
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Natural slip resistance
  • Environmentally friendly and warm
  • Soundproof and comfy

Carpet: Another flooring type that Beaulieu offers is the carpet. There are new Beaulieu carpets that provide excellent quality, colors, and endless unique designs, which are very rare. These allow you to decide the perfect combination for your home. Examples of the new carpets are Husky A1263, Saluki A1691, Basenji A1693, among others. Why you might want to consider these carpets:

  • Increased noise reduction
  • Warmth and comfort
  • Easy to clean and stain resistant
  • Lowest VOC emitters
  • Long-lasting colors

Luxury Vinyl: These flooring types are specially created to withstand high-moisture and high-traffic in your home. They are manufactured to replicate the look of any material like Ceramic, hardwood, or stone. Check out the examples – Biology 0030, Biosphere 0032, Chromosome 0033, etc. Here is why you should consider choosing Luxury vinyl:

  • Wear-resistant
  • Highly waterproof
  • Ultra-durable
  • Pet stains resistant
  • Flexible installation

Engineered Luxury Vinyl (ELVF): The Engineered Luxury Vinyl flooring (ELVF) is manufactured to provide comfort and for easy installation in every part of the home. This flooring is offered in a wide variety of wood styles. Here is why you should choose the ELVF:

  • Superior cleanability
  • Sturdy construction and very durable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Antimicrobial surface finish

Sheet Vinyl: The sheet vinyl is different from the vinyl planks in size and mode of installation. The Sheet vinyl flooring is sometimes called ‘resilient.’ It is produced such that it bounces of object’s weight that compresses its surface. Some new Sheet Vinyl floorings at Beaulieu are Cubist Pearl BL000-U0001, Surrealist Clay BL001-U0003, and Deco Cotton BL001-U0002. Here are reasons you might want to consider the resilient flooring;

  • Slips and stain resistant
  • Suitable for use over embedded heating systems
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexibility and easy customization

Engineered Hardwood: The engineered hardwood features timeless beauty and friendly flooring. It comes in varieties of colors and species like the white oak, hickory, walnut, and so on. New examples include Cavanal 1580, Celio 1581, and Manali 1582. Why should you choose the engineered hardwood;

  • Flexible installation
  • Durability and long-lasting
  • Classic and authentic look
  • Ecologically friendly

Laminate: The laminate comes in various designs and styles. This is because it is manufactured to imitate the wood. It is easy to maintain, so it is your best go-to flooring for homes with pets and kids. Examples are Aitutaki 1430, Chuuk 1432, and Belle Mare 1431. Reasons for you to consider these floorings are:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Economic and cost-effective
  • Easy installation
  • Stain resistance and easy maintenance
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