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Anderson Tuftex Flooring in Toronto offers an extensive array of high-quality materials with attention to detail and unparalleled customer experience. They’ve dedicated their craft to fulfilling the design dreams and needs of their clients, and take a customer-centric approach to each step of their product development, marketing and experience. You’ll enjoy browsing through their detailed, visually stunning catalogue, or comparing the look and feel of each item during your showroom shopping experience.
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Timeless and purposeful design is the Anderson Tuftex flooring Toronto hallmark. Crafted with great care, A/T floors are designed to last, whether carpet, rug, hardwood, or engineered hardwood. Chestnut Flooring customers are drawn to the handcrafted, heritage aesthetic of A/T’s flooring. We’re proud to carry artisanal wood floors and rugs created by a company who cares.

Anderson Tuftex Carpets: Unleashed Collection

A/T’s custom-dyed fibres and comfortable designs are practical and refined. In Toronto, Anderson Tuftex flooring carpet collections suit nearly any design vision.

Unleashed Collection
Your favourite furry companion brings you joy, but might pose a challenge for flooring maintenance. With the Unleashed Collection of carpets, you can let go of the worry over set in odours or stains. There’s no need for luxe, cushioned rugs to smell like pets or to hold on to their hair. We love living with our pets, not investing time and money cleaning up after them. That’s why this collection is designed with people and pets in mind. Stainmaster® and PetProtect® don’t sacrifice practicality and durability for beauty- you can have it all.

Anderson Tuftex carpets in Toronto allow stylish homeowners to feel good about their flooring investment for the whole family to enjoy.

Key Features of the Unleashed Collection:

  • Resistant to pet hair
  • Color-safe, fade-resistant
  • Durable and comfortable

Heritage Hardwood

Anderson Tuftex Toronto Flooring Offers Heritage Hardwood. With so many wood species, stains and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the look and feel in classic wood beauty you’re seeking. A/T carries:

  • Hickory
  • Kupay
  • Maple
  • Oak

You may choose from engineered wood planks with economically friendly and solid construction or the classic craftsmanship of hardwood planks. A/T specializes in floating, nailed or glued floors and offers an impressive variety of lengths, thickness and finishes to perfectly customize and personalize your design project.

R2X Stain & Soil Resistance System

The patented, exclusive R2X Stain and Soil Resistance system was introduced by Shaw, A/T’s parent company, in 2001. A product of many year’s testing and research, this leading protective carpet treatment now represents some of the best in carpet technology.

R2X is an innovative and effective stain and soil repelling system which goes beyond conventional repellents to protect deeply within the carpet fibre. With complete protection over the length of the yarn, household messes, spills and regular soiling are no match for R2X. When you invest in a luxurious feeling carpet for your flooring, you need the peace of mind that comes with resilient protection.

Accidents happen. The areas of the home we love the most tend to see high traffic. You don’t need to put life on hold- you need more reaction time when messes happen, and the reassurance that the dirt will easily wash out without staining. Many polyester and polypropylene carpets attract dirt. Typical cleaning treatments act on the surface only, and over time, the soil on carpets gets locked in. By contrast, R2X performs well even with repeated cleanings. The experts at Chestnut Flooring are confident recommending the R2X Stain & Soil Resistance System with Shaw’s warranty protection for lasting customer satisfaction.

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Flooring Catalogue

Please feel free to browse through the impressive variety in the Anderson Tuftex Toronto flooring catalogue.

Our floor specialists will gladly walk you through the product lines, answer questions and show you the detail and quality up close. Whether available to view and order online, or in our expansive Vaughan showroom, you can take a closer look at the rest of the hardwood collection and a multitude of finishes to fit any colour palette.

community, Sustainability, and customer experience

Anderson Tuftex flooring in Toronto cares about their community, sustainability, and their customer experience. They take pride in giving back through charitable initiatives and care for the natural resources they steward.

The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Standard is a rigorous guide designed for protection and accountability in material health, reutilization, renewable energy, stewardship of water, and social fairness.

A/T certified products are verified to contain safe ingredients which can be recycled or reused. Shaw’s 2030 goal is to design 100% of its products according to this high standard. As the parent company of A/T, Shaw is committed to disclosure, verification and evaluation of products and processes. Anderson Tuftex is rooted in authenticity and transparency when providing the ultimate consumer experience.

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Wonderment Collection

From metallic wood finish to whimsically textured, plush carpets, this collection is for dreamers. Those seeking high-end finishes and elegance, with a uniquely creative flavour, find styles to love n this collection. Sparkling, pearlescent and luminous tones bring magic to any space. The wood products in our wonderment Collection are artistically painted and stained. Timeless durability meets fairy-tale with the trusted quality you expect from Anderson Tuftex flooring in Toronto.

Artistry Collection

Inspiration in pattern and print bring fun to flooring choices, whether wood or woven. The Artistry Collection’s subtle, natural textures can present a raw canvass for your room creation, or draw the eye to lines and design. From raw wood floors to geometric imprints in soft fibre, your creativity can build the vibe of your choice. Anderson Tuftex flooring in Toronto offers Artistry products with lasting, stain-repelling wear-resistance. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can trust your investment will look fantastic for years to come.

Relic Collection

The Reverie Collection

These colours and textures evoke cozy serenity. A collection in wood and organic carpet textures invites bare feet and calm. This grouping of simple, timeless flooring exudes quiet confidence and handcrafted warmth. Neutral, but never boring, the details in weave, grain and touch invite you to feel at home.

Villa Europa Collection

Classics Collection

Simplicity and durability are always in style. With a focus on the craft, texture and practical elegance in natural colours and purposeful designs, classics suit everyday life and spaces.

Noble Hall

These old-world wide planks and wire brushed surface communicate strength and heritage craftsmanship in White Oak. In modern tones or elegant antique colours, simple, quiet nobility is the look.

Kensington and Buckingham

A hardwood line with multi-layered stain colour palette, wide White Oak planks are durable and solid with wire brushed, soft textured finishes. Ideal for high floor traffic, pets and children, you’ll never compromise style for strength.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo presents exotic Copaiba wood in a full 7” plank. Each is distressed and stained for varying effects and colour variation. Painterly gradients of dark, distressed or dramatic tones undulate like water and highlight the natural flow of the wood grain.


This Hickory wood floor is wire-brushed by hand, drawing the eye to organic textures with an overall smooth finish. Wire brushing removes the outer layer, revealing dense patterns underneath and letting the wood’s character shine through. Even stain accents the subtle texture in six available colours to suit any design.

Palo Duro

Palo Duro is a scraped hickory collection with a rustic variety of grain and texture to exude a turn-of-the-century vibe. If raw, antique and full of character is your style, the natural lines, knots, variations and wear will delight you. The look of reclaimed older wood in a variety of plank widths are a perfect match for rustic-refined décor, rich, woven textures, and heritage paint tones.

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