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A Complete Guide To The Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood lays a foundation of welcoming elegance and is a beautiful choice for any home. The look of wood is increasingly mimicked in other materials, but did you know that the benefits of this flooring solution go beyond its aesthetic? Thanks to modern technology, other materials like laminate, vinyl, and porcelain can provide the look of hardwood flooring at a lower price. There are quite a few reasons we recommend you invest in the real thing for your home.

Goodfellow Flooring Bistro Collection

The genuine beauty of natural hardwood is timeless

Although you can find alternative materials to replicate the look of engineered hardwood, at the end of the day they are still imitations. Top-quality laminate and vinyl planks are available with incredible visual detail and even textures that look like authentic grooves and wood grain. That’s attractive to homeowners who are anxious about the possibility of damage, but with proper care and maintenance, real hardwood floors need not be a source of stress. This flooring choice is classic for a reason, and even the best copy cannot take its place.


Rooms with hardwood flooring offer more options for interior design. The impact of the wood can be amplified by leaving the space clean and bare, or accented with an artful rug. Incidentally, a rug is a good way to add the soft warmth of a carpet to a room without having to fully commit to carpet’s design limitations.

Simple to clean

Hardwood flooring can have a reputation for being fussy, but general maintenance is a breeze once you know what to do. Finished wood will not hold on to dust, dirt, or other allergens like pet dander. That means a routine sweep or vacuum is all you need to keep your home looking beautifully clean. Wood surfaces are susceptible to damage from excess moisture, so spills should be attended to promptly. Mopping can certainly be included as a regular aspect of your cleaning regimen. Just be sure to wring excess moisture before passing the mop to maintain your wood floor’s long-term beauty.

Easy Repairs

Realistically speaking, some scratches or dents are inevitable in the course of life with hardwood. Unlike other flooring materials that cannot be fixed, if significant damage occurs, genuine wooden planks can be refinished without having to put in a whole new floor, saving time and money. Barring unusual damage, you can plan to give your home a fresh look by refinishing your floors every seven to ten years as you wish.


Your hardwood flooring will be made with the highest-quality wood that meets the gold standards for strong, durable floors. Regardless of heavy foot traffic and activity, you can expect your hardwood floors to be able to handle it all while maintaining its beauty.

Countless choices

When it comes to looking at the selection of hardwood flooring available today, the choices are limitless. Styles can be found in a huge assortment of sizes, stains, finishes and colours. You can also pick from a wide variety of wood species that each give a different appeal and feel to a room. With so many options, you can select a style of flooring that matches your theme in your home.


Part of elegance of hardwood floors is in its seamless character. The lack of grout lines or lumps makes this type of flooring extremely easy to love and admire.

Simple maintenance

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, hardwood flooring is really easy and simple to take care of. Weekly vacuuming, sweeping or mopping with a damp-dry cloth is typically sufficient to keep the wood looking in its tiptop form. We can easily see why hardwood flooring is a great and worthwhile addition to your home. The physical appeal and character that it brings into the rooms are simply unmatched by other flooring options. Come into Chestnut Flooring for more information about hardwood flooring and how it can be a lifetime investment for you.

Invest in long-term value

When it’s properly maintained, hardwood flooring provides a classic solution for lifelong elegance in your space. Although minor scratches and dents may occur with this natural material, genuine hardwood will outlast both options vinyl and laminate.You‘ll save money and stress with the assurance that your floors won’t need replacing in your lifetime, and the warm appeal of hardwood floors ensures your home’s value will be preserved as well. Whether you plan to keep your house in the family for generations, or if you are thinking of its value on the real estate market, the return on investment for installing hardwood can be higher than any other option. It’s highly appealing to buyers which increases the worth of your home and decreases the time spent on the market when you choose to sell.

Oak - Engineered Hardwood - Wire Brushed - CF1011323

Invest in your family’s health

Materials like carpets may be comfy and soft but the fibres are traps for dust, allergens, and germs. This dirt and debris can get worked in enough that even a vacuum won’t suck it all out. As a consequence, the indoor air quality of your home will suffer over time. Children or those with allergies or respiratory issues are particularly vulnerable. In sharp contrast, hardwood flooring offers a smooth, flat surface that can be easily swept or vacuumed and offers no places for pathogens or allergens to hide.

Never out of style

Long-term value is great, but it might not persuade someone who plans on moving down the line. Fortunately, hardwood floors are highly desirable and do wonders to increase a home’s resale value. As an added benefit, In Vaughan, hardwood flooring can help a house sell faster as well. The exact level of added value is hard to quantify but some estimates have put homes with hardwood floor selling for 10% more than their non-wood counterparts. This is a return on investment that can easily exceed the initial cost of the installation.

Interior design is like fashion and trends will wax and wane as time passes. Styles that are the Hottest Thing today might seem awkward or quaint in just a few years. Hardwood’s popularity has never faded and its appearance is versatile enough to compliment any number of furniture styles and colour combinations. If you get a hardwood floor, you can be confident that you won’t have to replace it as tastes change because, unlike post-modernism, hardwood floors will always be in vogue.

Reclaimed/ recycled hardwood for a greener option

Reclaimed hardwood is made of old floor planks or even barn walls that have been disassembled. Not only does reclaimed wood let you harness materials that would’ve been thrown out instead of revitalized, but it adds an extra dose of history to your room’s atmosphere.

River-salvaged is a subcategory of reclaimed wood. Back in the earlier days of Canada, wood was often transported by river and it wasn’t uncommon to lose shipments below the surface. River-salvaged wood is what you get when these older trees are fished up and milled. Now, common knowledge says that wood and water don’t mix well, but it turns out that keeping a tree submerged for a few hundred years creates a richer colour and higher quality. Salvaged wood doesn’t even have extra maintenance concerns—you can treat it like any other type of Vaughan hardwood flooring.

Healthier alternative to polyurethane

Traditional, solid hardwood is what most people think of when they consider wood floors and offer long-lasting natural appeal. It is easier to find solid hardwood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international certification program that notes products, which promote sustainable harvesting practices. Treating solid hardwood flooring with oil instead of polyurethane makes it easier to repair and leaves a stronger, overall healthier impact.

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