8 Dangers of Acquiring Hardwood From a Big Box Departmental store

If you are looking for hardwood flooring, then you know this can be a major vital investment to your home.

The following is an article with eight things to contemplate prior to making a buying deal for your hardwood flooring in Toronto.

Buying Hardwood from “Big Box” Stores

They’re common with hardwood flooring customers because they need convenient hours considering they’re open seven days every week and evenings, they need competitive pricing because of their high sales volume, and they need a good selection of low- to mid-quality onerous surface products and carpeting in stock since higher quality merchandise will be special ordered.

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The Do-it-Yourself (DIY) community is who the Big Box stores are in business to assist. If you’ve got the talent, time, special tools, training, design background, and patience to do it yourself, a Big Box store could be a sensible place to shop for flooring product. Shopping for floor covering at a Big Box store will cause frustration if you are doing not work the handyman category, or if you do not have enough time or patience to try and do it yourself

Quality products vs Quantity

With Big Box stores, you waste an excessive amount of valuable time. Their carpeting or hardwood sections may be disorganized, messy, cramped, and not well merchandised, creating it hard for you to seek out what you wish. It also means that you will be obliged to make repeat visits for the tiniest things.

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Flooring Designers

Big Box stores mean no in-house designers. There is not any skilled help selecting the right merchandise and combos for your desires and flooring space. This makes your job a lot of more durable and takes you much longer to finish your project from the get-go.

Follow Up Instructions

Big Box store staff receive very little or no instruction. These stores don’t seem to be dedicated flooring experts and the staff often will not answer your simplest questions.

Cheap Flooring Prices vs Quality

These stores can up-sell you. It’s natural for these stores to promote low price, loss leader floor covering to induce you in the door. However, once you arrive at the store, the advertised flooring products are either sold out, or there are not enough for your project. That’s when the Big Box stores will up-sell you on the more expensive product, whether or not they don’t seem to be appropriate for you.

Old Stock of Flooring Products

These stores will also attempt to bring together undesirable or discontinued product on you. Contracts put Big Box chain stores beneath heavy sales pressure to sell inventory from sure makers. This can be not smart news as a result of they can put the pressure on you to shop for hardwood or alternative varieties of flooring that will not be appropriate for your needs. The product that are in stock have a tendency to be on the low finish of the standard spectrum. Because your floors are the second most abused part of your home (once the roof), it’s not in your profit to choose among the low-end flooring merchandise.

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Install your flooring sooner than later

Big Box stores sometimes have a long waiting amount for installation. Their business isn’t putting in flooring, so you would possibly have to try to do this yourself that causes you more problems.

Extended Flooring Warranty

These Big Box stores don’t seem to be structured to offer quality floor covering service. Hardwood, and any alternative flooring, is an investment and choosing the suitable products and properly putting in them is critical to your flooring’s function, aesthetics, and sturdiness.


If you aren’t a handyman, builder, contractor, or don’t have spare time to try and do your flooring project on your own, a Big Box store is not a smart alternative to buy hardwood. Chestnut Flooring is a company giving flooring in the Greater Toronto Area. They facilitate purchasers create the proper flooring selections for their home or business; professionally install flooring, and conveniently service warranties and claims for purchasers.

Chestnut Flooring has successfully worked with over a thousand purchasers over the past 20 years and put in additional than One Million Square Feet of flooring products. They employ friendly and professional customer service employees, flooring design consultants, and authorized installers. Choose Chestnut Flooring for all your hardwood flooring inquires. Contact us Today!

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