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7 Reasons Why Laminate Can Be The Perfect Flooring Option



Have you ever worried about scratches on a wood floor, or know someone who has to cover every square foot with rugs because of their dog’s nails or small children playing? Laminate floors have the unique ability to deliver the warm, elegant look and feel of wood with in high-traffic areas, without fear. That’s because of the pressurized, heated process of creating laminate that results in a more scratch-resistant, resilient surface. Laminate floor layers have enhanced durability and strength because they are fused together. The tongue-and-groove system of locking along with the treated top layers make it a trouble-free material whether your home has rough pet nails, hard shoes or anything else testing it daily.

In the past, laminate was sometimes thought of as a cheap flooring option that was susceptible to damage and would only last for a few years. However, modern laminate boasts generous wear layers that make it extremely robust. This flooring material can be installed in any room of the house without concern for wear due to traffic. It’s also a favourite of pet owners and families with children who don’t want to constantly stress about dents, scratches, and stains.

A wide range of styles and close resemblance to other materials (like hardwood and stone) 

Many people want the look and texture of wood throughout their home, but don’t want the burden of maintaining and taking care of real wood floors, or hardwood floors are simply out of their budget. Laminate is a fantastic option in these situations, as it offers styles that bear close resemblance to real wood, but can be more durable and easier to maintain.

Modern laminate is delightful because it can realistically simulate the appearance of almost any flooring material you desire. Top quality designs feature 3D digital photographic layers that replicate not only the look but even the feel and texture of wood or stone. Certain textured laminate floors have textured of sawed or wire-brushed hardwood. You may not be able to distinguish our laminate flooring from the real thing, and your guests may not either!


Laminate flooring is easy to clean

Natural, solid wood requires careful maintenance to keep it looking its best and holding up over the years without appearing worn and faded. Water-resistant, resilient and uncomplicated, laminate can be wiped with a damp cloth, swept, dusted and shined with only mild cleanser and light cleaning. There’s no need to oil or seal your floor and no need to stress about finding just the right floor cleaner. When its laminate, mild soap, a light vinegar mixture or simply water will do a great job.

No special soaps, polishes or sealants are required, and if you’re used to flooring that requires an annual maintenance program you can kiss it goodbye! You can simply vacuum or sweep as needed to remove debris, then pass a damp mop over to capture lingering dust.


Laminate is constructed from scraps of wood and compressed in resin. Some of the materials used to create it can come from recycled sources. When you choose laminate, you have the peace of mind that comes with making a green choice that causes less waste.

Many people are conscious about making environmentally friendly choices when it comes to renovating and designing homes. We’re pleased to say that laminate flooring is one of the most efficient, practical and beautiful ways to maximize the use of wood products and avoid waste. Pieces of wood scrap which aren’t suitable for anything else can be used to create laminate planks. Diverting these wood products from landfills and giving them new life creates a long-lasting flooring product and results in less cut trees. Laminate can be installed right over your existing floor as well so there’s no need to tear out and discard previous materials.

Easy to Install

Nailing and gluing traditional hardwood in place requires professional installers and is a complex process. Laminate’s tongue and groove system make these floors easy for the DIY crowd and far less costly to install. It’s also possible to install laminate anywhere, even right on top of other flooring.

Easy Removal

Laminate floors float over the subfloor or previously installed materials. They simply click together like puzzle pieces, without being glued or nailed down. That means when you’re ready for a change, you can lift and un-install your floor, easily.

Euro Contempo Collection

Resistant to fading

Some design materials like wood will fade over time where they’re exposed to UV light, which necessitates replacement or refinishing. With laminate, the colourfast finish means you won’t have to worry about maintaining the carefully selected hues of your floor.

Downsides to Laminate

Most often, the synthetic laminate is obviously not real wood, and certainly feels very different under your feet.

Repetitive patterns in the flooring are also impossible to avoid, and make the overall appeal of the laminate much less than hardwood.

In addition, laminate is difficult to repair in comparison to hardwood, as single pieces are hard to fit into the existing pattern of flooring, and the entirety of it cannot be sanded or stained to cover up any imperfections.

A single scratch on laminate flooring is quite obvious and bad looking, while scratches on hardwood are hardly noticed and usually merely add to the charm. Laminate is also not expected to last long; with the average lifetime of a laminate floor being about 20 years, often less.

Conclusion / The Positives

In addition to being far less expensive to purchase and install (over 50% so according to estimates), laminate is a more reasonable option in homes where wearing is likely to happen.

Laminate is highly durable, and is often guaranteed to last for over 25 years by many companies. As the overall hardness of laminate is generally much more than that of hardwood flooring, it is less susceptible to scratches, wear and tear as a result of foot traffic, warp and discoloration.

For homes where the seasonal changes in temperature are likely to affect the floor’s color and shape, laminate is a much better option. Laminate flooring is for this reason far less expensive to maintain, and far less expensive to replace.

Laminate flooring is far more easy to keep clean than hardwood because of the plastic materials used. A damp cloth, broom or mop are all that is necessary to go through everyday household chores.

In terms of appearance, the synthetic quality of laminate makes it fairly obvious that it is not real wood. However, high quality laminate can replicate the look of wood very well, and sometimes the difference is not obvious.

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